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We’ve included some of the most popular items at the moment and hope to be adding much more in the coming weeks and months.

In the meantime, to keep it nice and easy:

• all prices are shown including VAT where it is applicable but the Toggle VAT switch will show ex-VAT if you prefer
• minimum order value of £24.00 inc VAT
• free delivery in our usual area (approx. 20 mile radius of Bideford)
• free delivery in most of the rest of country for orders over £72.00 inc VAT (£8.40 if less than £72.00)
• VAT invoices sent with goods
• We love the 5 Star brand and supply wherever we can but if not available will substitute with an equal quality item

If we’re not showing something that you’d like – please let us know and we’ll organise for you and possibly add to the shop as well.